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Acquisition of funding

We provide services aimed at acquiring R&D funding and partners for the realisation of your innovative ideas

We identify funding opportunities for your project ideas on a regional, national and European scale and offer assistance for the application process. Since 2010, we have directly acquired more than 65 million € funding with a total project value of more than 100 million € (as of 03/15).

The cluster might be the perfect solution if you require implementation partners for your ideas. For large, strategic project associations we actively participate in consortial management and we perform the tasks involved in the overall coordination.

Selected examples of funding sources we acquired successfully are the BMBF Cluster of ExcellenceEIT Health, and the ZIM cooperation networks InnoPlanT.NET and Healthcare IT.

For a summary of all projects supported or coordinated by use, please see "Projects and success stories".


Marco Wendel

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