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Network of innovative medical product developers and suppliers in the areas of implants, transplants and bone substitution materials.

The ZIM cooperation network INNOPLANT.NET combines innovative medical product developers and suppliers in the fields of implants, transplants and bone substitution materials with the goal of further improving it by means of common research and development activities. Essentially, network partners define this as quicker and improved integration and easy-to-control longevity and functionality upon implantation or transplantation.

Network objectives are:

  • interdisciplinary collaboration of professionals from the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals fields and highly-specialised vendors
  • common development of novel materials and procedures to improve implants, transplants and bone graft substitutes (either as medical product or ATMP/tissue)
  • improvement of patient well-being upon implantation and transplantation by quicker and better integration an ease-to-control life and functionality

The network addresses the following research areas:

  • With the implants, the focus is on the improvement of implant ingrowth through improved coating processes, enhanced infection curing in septic change and improved infection prophylaxis.
  • In the subject area of transplants, the focus is on research of state-of-the-art skin transplants and development of human skin as transplant using new materials and processes. Moreover, automated production and logistics processes are considered.
  • In the field of bone graft substitutes, the focus is on the development of new bone graft substitutions with optimised characteristics that are designed to replace the existing materials.
  • New and enhanced analytical ex vivo/in vivo methods are researched and developed to provide evidence of the enhanced life and functionality of the implants or transplants.
  • Additionally, new approaches and products are researched and developed to improve the wound-healing process to allow for accelerated wound healing following the implantation or transplantation.

Project duration

01.04.2014 - 31.03.2015


Marco Wendel
Medical Valley EMN e.V.

Henkestraße 91
91052 Erlangen

Tel.: +49-9131-5302 863
Fax.: +49-9131-9704 921



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