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Nutricia GmbH

Sales organisation for medical nutrition products and application technology. Home care supply for children and adults.

Nutricia specialises in medical nutrition and has been based in Erlangen since 1919. Nutricia offers patient care service concepts for inpatients and outpatients alike. Our product range includes tube feeding formulas and sip feed nutrition products for children and adults as well as application systems, feeding tubes and feeding pumps. In addition, we offer specific products for dietetic treatment of rare, inherited metabolic disorders. Our in-house nutrition teams etp and etp-Junior provide services for home care patients. Nutricia is a specialised healthcare nutrition supplier and part of the Medical Nutrition division of the food company Danone.


Heike Dammann
Nutricia GmbH

Alle am Röthelheimpark 11
91052 Erlangen

+49-9131-778 231 3

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