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VRNZ Service GmbH

Network of radiological nuclear medical centres, efficient+specialised patient care services; Basis of optimised+consistent quality standards

Pool of 27 big private medical practices >300 medical specialists >1500 employees at >100 sites, patient care services for >1 m cases/year. Goal: Representation of interests of large radiological nuclear medical practices towards healthcare payers and the association of SHI Physicians; establishing of medical service provider structures, supports development towards economically successful medium-sized companies. Goal: increase efficiency of radiological nuclear medical Centres, cooperation partners (industry+business), steady improvement of diagnosis, therapy of patients with financially feasible healthcare provision.

Member of Medical Valley "We hope for valuable stimuli, exchange of knowledge with partners (business, healthcare service providers)"


VRNZ Service GmbH

Henkestr. 91
91052 Erlangen

+49-9131-623 851 0

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