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We offer a comprehensive service portfolio to support your innovation process from the initial product idea to market maturity, thus shortening the time to market. Following the one stop shop principle, we integrate established specialists and experts within the cluster along the medical technology innovation chain. Important service components are offered in the areas of subsidy acquisition and consulting, identification and procurement of clinical partners, market approval and reimbursement, strategic requirement analysis and health-economic evaluation and international market access.


We cooperate closely with:

  • Access to 200 business angels and 100 institutional investors
  • Procurement of 20 to 30 million € for approximately 25 companies within the seed and growth phases per year

  • largest network in the healthcare sector in Germany and Europe with over 600 members from science, business and healthcare in 15 countries
  • Promotion of cooperations, procurement of contacts and information regarding current trends by means of workshops, meetings, congresses and training courses.

  • structural interface between research, teaching and industry: includes more than 70 professors and lecturers at the Friedrich-Alexander-University
  • Initiator for nationwide and international high-end research and education in healthcare

  • Medical test and application centre for the processing of current research results to make them available for commercial use
  • Interdisciplinary approach: Scientific-technical, medical and clinical research, hospitals, health insurances and companies in the medical technology sector.

  • Consulting and supporting university spin-off companies.
  • Supporting patent consulting and management services