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Deutsches Telemedizin Zentrum – DTZ e.V.

DTZ e. V. was founded in Nuremberg in 2002. The aim of this non-profit organisation is to promoting telemedicine.

Telemedical applications like TeleTherapy, TeleRehabilitation, TeleMonitoring TeleCardiology, and TeleCoaching will continuously expand according to the wide range of use in young and elderly people as well as for the area of Ambient Assisted Living. Today, telemedicine already plays an integral part of primary health care provision. Telemedicine plays an important role when it comes to bringing cost-efficient health care services to the patients' home. With Telemedicine, it is easier for elderly people to live an independent life at home. Telemedicine is a valuable addition and support to individual patient care.



Muggenhofer Str. 136
90429 Nürnberg

+49-911-323 802 9

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