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Healthcare IT

Network of interdisciplinary parties from business, science and service provision to develop projects in the Healthcare IT sector.

On the basis of the activities in the Model Region for Digital Healthcare Franconia, at the end of 2014, Medical Valley EMN headed the establishment of the ZIM Healthcare IT cooperation network. At its core is the buildup and transfer of knowledge and the creation of market-oriented research and development in the field of IT-driven intersector data transfer and management in healthcare.

Our objectives

Targeted interconnection of interdisciplinary parties from business, science and service provision in the following fields of application: drug therapy safety, imaging diagnostics, telemedicine, sensorics/wearables.

Research aspects - ZIM Healthcare IT cooperation network

In R&D support projects, innovative products and services are developed to improve the healthcare services and the quality of the treatment, which at the same time contributes to better efficiency and lower costs.

  • Data exchange and management at intersectoral interface in stationary and home care and within the course of personalised medical services.
  • Intersector drug therapy safety as a quality feature of outpatient and inpatient care units.
  • Practice-oriented development and testing of telemedicinal products and services to improve the quality and economy of medical supplies over distances.
  • Intersectoral and intrasectoral interoperability of IT systems. Evaluation and real-time analysis of large decentral data amounts of imaging diagnostics
  • Development of interfaces and systems for real-time access to patient information of wearable sensorics and for embedding into the medicinal-technical network infrastructure.

Our partners

Interested companies from the application and development sectors and partners from service provision and science are welcome.


Why should we become members of the ZIM Healthcare IT cooperation network?

The ZIM (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand) is an all-German support programme initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technology for medium-sized companies and cooperating research facilities. Within the scope of this support programme, subject-specific cooperation networks can be created that combine network management services and the initialisation and performance of development projects to sustainably support the innovative power and competitiveness of the companies involved.

  • Planning of common R&D projects from within the network
  • Application support through network management
  • High probability of approval for entry into the ZIM programme

Are you interested in the ZIM Healthcare IT cooperation network?

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