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Medical Valley in China

Creation of a targeted service provision offer for German companies in the medical technology sector to support their market entry in China.

Project description

The project named German Medical Valley in China is a cooperation between Medical Valley GmbH and partners from Medical Valley EMN to establish the cluster structures of Medical Valley EMN in China and to provide and manage a targeted local offer that is tailored to healthcare requirements. This includes specialised services for German small and medium-sized companies to facilitate their market entry to China. To this end, it is necessary to combine all building blocks that have been successful in the Nuremberg/Erlangen area and to thus provide them in a concentrated and more efficient form. These building blocks affect:

  1. Incubator & cluster management (including one stop shop for small and medium sized companies, i.e. accelerated approval and certification processes, distribution support, special protection for IP)
  2. Linkage to a research / university hospital (hospital, education and training, medical research, clinical studies)
  3. Linkage to universities (research in the fields of healthcare, medical technology, science)
  4. Financing platform for small and medium-sized companies

The project named German Medical Valley in China is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Creation of a reference standard for healthcare in China
  • Implementation of a research campus to support innovations in medical technology/healthcare, including incubator.
  • Utilisation of significant growth opportunities for European companies (especially small and medium-sized companies) in the Chinese market
  • Business opportunities with major growth and value potential for Medical Valley and partners.

Relevance of the project for the innovation sites of Bavaria or Germany

The Chinese market offers great growth opportunities for Bavarian/German small and medium-sized healthcare companies. Prospective expert estimates show that the slow easing of the one-child policy, the aging of the Chinese overall population and the growth in personal wealth will cause the Chinese population to grow by 100 million until 2030. The share of the urban population will rise to approximately 930 million people.

This means for healthcare and the health product market:

  • Increasing numbers of patients
  • Favourable preconditions for clinical studies
  • Urbanisation will lead to a significant increase in the number of required large hospitals
  • The increase in the population of elderly people will cause a need for rehab clinics and care centres
  • The need for effective and efficient solutions to ensure that the Chinese healthcare system will remain fundable

For years, Medical Valley EMN has been working on solutions for these challenges.


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