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Voices from the Medical Valley Community

Prof. Dr. Albert Heuberger, Director of the Fraunhofer IIS: The Medical Valley is an extensive, varied, exciting network, characterised by profound expertise, excellent research, openness and diversity. We are able to apply our technologies while also drawing on other disciplines.
Dr. Florian Janik, Mayor of the City of Erlangen: The Medical Valley EMN is a highly efficient network of visionaries, researchers and developers working on solutions for the healthcare of tomorrow.
Prof. Dr. Peter Kolominsky-Rabas, Head of the Interdisciplinary Center for Public Health of the FAU: The special thing at Medical Valley is that we are able to not only think up medical products imaginatively but also make them a reality. Many interdisciplinary groups work on this in the Medical Valley cluster of excellence. Medical Valley is thus a unique platform that helps both globally operating companies and SMEs to bring better products onto the market more quickly.
Prof.  Dr.  Kathrin  Möslein, Chair of Business Informatics, esp. Innovation and Value Creation of the FAU: In the Medical Valley, open innovation appears as a living exchange of ideas, concepts and technologies in everyday life. The results are the products, services and solutions that we need for effective healthcare in the future!
Dr. Robert Schmidt, Head of Innovation | Environment, Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chairman of Medical Valley Center GmbH: Through the Medical Valley, the European Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg has become a leading region in Europe in the field of medical technology. A key success factor is the tight-knit network between science and business. This is reflected in the successful transfer of research results into innovative products and in the high patent density. One third of all German patents in the field of 'medicine and diagnostics' come from our region.