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AB-CT Advanced Breast-CT GmbH

nu:view, the world’s first breast CT scanner to use spiral CT technology, is the brainchild of Erlangen-based company AB-CT.

Revolution in Breast Cancer Diagnosis

What sets nu:view apart is the very high image resolution coupled with low radiation dose and short scan times. To obtain the best possible image quality and maximize radiation dose efficiency at the same time, the detector uses state-of-the-art single photon counting technology.

AB-CT is a young, high-tech enterprise that was a spin-off of the Institute for Medical Physics at the University of Erlangen headed by Prof. Willi A. Kalender.

Founder and scientific advisor Prof. Kalender’s main research focus has always been diagnostic imaging, in particular the development and market launch of volumetric spiral computer tomography.

In 2008, Prof. Kalender headed the project “Breast CT”, which was backed by the EU and the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

At AB-CT, a team of 45 headed by CEO Benjamin Kalender specializes in research and development of leading solutions for diagnostic breast imaging for women.


Products and Services:

Breast CT Scanner



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