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Murata Electronics Europe B. V.

Murata is a leading manufacturer of electronic components, modules, and devices.

The new bed sensor technology is based on the Ballistocardiographic (BCG) principle. When the heart pumps blood there is a recoil effect to the opposite direction. This means that when e.g. lying on a bed, the entire bed will be subject to micro movements due to the blood flow. We use an ultra-sensitive Murata accelerometer to capture this signal. A microcontroller with a specially made algorithms are able to extract heart rate and many other vital signs from the signal. 

Murata is a leading manufacturer of electronic components, modules, and devices.

The complete range includes all passive components, sensors, timing devices, filters and modules, and has the widest range in the industry.

Although the company is known as a global manufacturer of components, it is also a world leader in Bluetooth® & WiFi™ modules, standard and custom power modules and devices for healthcare.



Non-contact HR sensor (BCG)

Sensors / thermistors

Connectivity modules

Power supplies (AC-DC)

Power devices (DC-DC)


Capacitors & EMI noise suppression

Timing devices

Sound components (Piezoelectrics)

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Non-contact HR sensor (BCG)



Press Releases
SCA10H & SCA11H series
Ballistocardiographic sensors provide contact-less approach to measuring patient vital signs

GCH & GCR series
Murata releases medical-grade monolithic ceramic capacitors for implanted medical devices

NMUSB series
Module provides data and power isolation in critical USB environments


Murata announces mass production of low profile flexible film temperature sensors ideal for wearable products

SVK3 series
Murata’s develops world’s most precise SM rotary position sensors suitable for automotive and medical applications


Published articles

Wireless connectivity in healthcare and patient monitoring applications

Understanding the 3rd edition medical safety standard and using DC-DC converters to provide isolation

Contactless cardiac monitoring uses MEMS accelerometers

Measuring a patient’s heart rate in an un-intrusive and non-disruptive way – Coming soon


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BCG brochure

Healthcare brochure

Wearables brochure

Product Line Card


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Wout Mattaar

Business Development Manager Medical & Healthcare

Wegalaan 2, 2132 JC Hoofddorp - Netherlands

Tel   +31 (0)23 56 98 430

Mob  +31 (0)6 295 710 21



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