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Solectrix GmbH

Solectrix GmbH develops & produces electronic assemblies as well as complete systems for demanding applications in medical technology.

With a team of qualified and specialized engineers and technicians, Solectrix considers itself an innovator and independent service provider in the development of high-end electronics solutions.

By this Solectrix means systems and modules composed of the components electronics, software and mechanics, always taking into account the specific environmental conditions. On the electronics level, Solectrix delivers solutions in the field of highly integrated electronic and high-speed microprocessor assemblies with complex user interfaces and programmable logic. The device-specific component of the software is handled with associated firmware and the connection to the respective operating systems.

Embedded electronic engineering puts forward a multitude of complex requirements that cannot be met with simple standards, but that require exclusive solutions of highest quality. That´s exactly the point where we define ourselves: innovative thinking in embedded electronic engineering at the highest level.

Products and Services

Our services in the field of medical technology:

  • Embedded Systems Engineering in Electronics and Software
  • Support in concept development and system design
  • Real-time and image data processing in the FPGA
  • Production and Lifecycle Management

Our products and systems in the field of medical technology:

Solectrix offers innovative solutions for increased demands in the field of image data processing in medical technology. Current examples include a high-precision sensor and temperature control system for molecular diagnostics, a glasses-free 3D image processing system with a patented 3D monitor from SeeFront GmbH and, most recently, the SX Mobile Device Kit for easy entry into the development of mobile devices. (see also  and )

Further solutions by Solectrix:

The SX proFRAME system: The modular video and data grabber solution by Solectrix.

SXoM-Module: System-on-Modules by Solectrix are based on the Smart Mobility ARChitecture (SMARCTM) by SGET, developed for a variety of modern high-end applications.

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Benedikt Appold

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solectrix GmbH

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