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CM-01: Building a sustainable push marketing at home and abroad

The CM-01 project develops innovative cluster services which

  • increase the visibility of the cluster and its partners in Germany and around the world and
  • support market access - especially of SMEs - in selected target markets.

The innovation advance lies in the involvement of the cluster partners in the respective project implementation steps (push marketing).

Concrete steps in implementation are: providing cluster partners with appropriate marketing materials; expanding press and public relations work; the targeted coupling of web-based services with information-sharing events; continuously

CM-02: Clustermanagement 2.0

Cluster Management 2.0 is a project which takes a scientific approach to finding how the exchange of knowledge and the information flow within the Medical Valley European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg Leading Edge Cluster can be optimized and developed by combining the latest Web 2.0 technologies with event formats and new co-working concepts.

Future development of the project will be based on the needs of the cluster partners, who are permanently integrated in the process through a user committee.