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breast cancer

BD-03: High-performance X-ray tube assembly for breast CT

In diagnostic imaging, there is a trend toward three-dimensional spatial resolution imaging: in X-ray technology that means moving away from classical radiography to computer tomography (CT). The Germany Ministry of Education and Research's "Breast CT" project aims to develop a CT system especially for mammography. This CT system will require the X-ray generation system which the Medical Valley project aims to realizes, a system characterized by very small focal spots with very high surface power density and a small mounting space requirement.

The innovative advance compared to current

BD-01: Breast-CT

The primary aim of this project is to improve early-stage diagnostics for breast cancer. The goal is to develop a 3D breast X-ray computer tomograph (breast CT for short) for the female breast, characterized by higher sensitivity in the early detection of breast cancer, as well as by greater patient comfort. Every step from the imaging of microcalcifications and the differential diagnosis of lesions with dynamic CT, through to image-guided biopsy can all be performed on one device during just one patient appointment.

Better detection and differentiation between benign and malignant tumors