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Healthcare IT

On the basis of the pilot project named Model Region for Digital Healthcare Franconia, innovative healthcare IT products are developed in cooperative projects. Additionally, the community deals with current developments and framework conditions of healthcare IT in an interdisciplinary manner to develop this aspect of the provision of services, health politics and science.


  • Interdisciplinary exchange of information between healthcare IT professionals in development, research, industry and service provision
  • Common development of innovative products, processes and services to improve

da:nova GmbH

We customise our concepts according to your company's needs and requirements. We have specialists for the different areas (nutrition, exercise and stress management) who accompany and support the implementation process in order to guarantee successful workplace health management. Health management consists of the three components analysis, implementation and evaluation. Starting from the as-is state and the objectives of the company, we determine specific strategies for our customers. The result is a solution approach which we implement with our different modules.

H-02: Real-time ERP system for medical care centers (MCCs) and amalgamated medical practices

Within the framework of the Medical Valley Leading Edge Cluster, ASTRUM IT is developing a communication platform to support practicing physicians. This platform can house applications that address a variety of needs experienced by medical practices.

In Germany, there is a considerable demand for cross-practice collaboration. Clinical disease patterns are becoming ever more complex; growing sub-specialization within the medical profession is boosting demand even further. With the introduction of medical care centers and the possibility of special contracts (e.g.


One of the world’s leading manufacturers of cardio- and endovascular medical devices, BIOTRONIK is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with representations in over 100 countries and a global workforce of more than 5,600 employees.

IS-08: Home monitoring of patients with cardiac insufficiency to prevent decompensation

This project has been set up to develop a predictor that can reliably forecast a deterioration in cardiac insufficiency in patients implanted with a defibrillator or heart pacemaker. A predictor means an algorithm that determines the risk of impending decompensation and warns the doctor in the event of a threatening condition on the basis of physiological measurement data acquired on a daily basis in the implant and transmitted via a telemedical home monitoring system.

Project Duration

01.07.2010 - 31.12.2014

Project Partners

  • University Clinic Erlangen

iWelt AG


Mainparkring 4
97246 Eibelstadt