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BD-02: CT Angiography for the early detection of coronary heart disease

The major aim of sub-project BD02 is to develop and validate new computer tomography procedures which enable representation of the coronary arteries and the detection and quantification of atherosclerotic plaque with enhanced spatial and temporal resolution, higher reproducibility and, very importantly, with less radiation exposure. Siemens AG is undertaking the technical development work, which includes new detector technologies, new image reconstruction processes and new algorithms for software-based automatic diagnostics.

IS-09: PULSERA - developing a fall risk sensor

SOPHIA Franken is a group of companies consisting of regional housing companies and home care services. The group has direct access to over 5 000 care patients and 50 000 tenants.

Taking this market access as a basis, the aim of the project is to develop a method for the intelligent use of a 3D acceleration sensor attached to the wrist for the purpose of permanent and home fall risk detection (FRD), thereby developing a further important milestone for high-quality and efficient home care in the region, with the prospect of integrating the process into the existing range of services and