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Projects and Success Stories

Medical Valley EMN e.V. aims at initialising strategic projects to effectively support partner developments and insure international placement of the cluster. Here you can find a summary of our projects. Just click your way through.



Voices from the Medical Valley Community

Prof. Willi Kalender, Head of the Institute of Medical Physics at FAU: In Medical Valley, there is a unique wealth of medical technology companies, universities and research institutes that work with conviction to improve patient care. Medical Valley actively comes together and opens up new prospects through funded projects.

Dr. Kurt Höller, Managing Director at the Central Institute of Medical Engineering at FAU: The unique thing about Medical Valley is trust. The individual actors from the industry, research, universities, hospitals, and healthcare, and young researchers with good ideas don’t hide away but instead share these and implement them together. These opportunities and the trust enthuse people and are infectious.
Development of a basal , reusable technology platform in the area of ​​AAL
Promoting the dialogue between technology developers, users and local area networks to adapt AAL technology for rural areas
Creation of a targeted service provision offer for German companies in the medical technology sector to support their market entry in China.
Development of a mobile supply log in rural areas to improve drug safety
Creating and establishing a specialised Open Innovation platform for medical technology