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BD-06: Local tumor therapy with magnetic nanoparticles

Imaging and external magnetic field for local tumor therapy with magnetic nanoparticles

In 2006, there were 426,800 new cases of cancer in Germany and 210,930 people died of the disease.

About half of all newly diagnosed cancer cases are diagnosed when they are localized to one part of the body. Three quarters of these patients can therefore be cured by local intervention, i.e. by an operation, in some cases supplemented by radiotherapy and/or systemic chemotherapy, with additional antibody therapy where appropriate. However, with the other half of newly diagnosed cases, the illness is already at an advanced stage and will not respond to conventional local therapy.

Localized, far advanced or inoperable malignant tumors are often treated with a combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. With chemotherapy, the application is usually systemic so that the effect is not limited to the target tissue: the influence of cytostatics on healthy tissue leads to a great many unwanted side-effects such as bone marrow suppression, disruption of liver and kidney functions, hair loss, vomiting and nausea etc.

As a result of binding corresponding chemotherapeutic agents to magnetic nanoparticles, intra-arterial administration and simultaneous application of a magnetic field focused on the target area can bundle the therapy inside the tumor. This increases the cytotoxic dose in the tumor while lessening the adverse side-effects.

Project Duration

01.07.2010 - 30.06.2014

Project Partners

  • University Hospital Erlangen
  • Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Healthcare
  • Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Sector Corporate Technology


Christoph Alexiou
HNO-Klinik / SEON

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