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IS-10: Smart Sensors E - infrastructure, data management and integrated demonstrator

Development of a basal , reusable technology platform in the area of ​​AAL

The aim of the Smart Sensors E project is to extend the basic functionality created in the "Barrier-free Health Assistance" guidance project in order to facilitate attainment of the higher-level goal of researching into modular, intelligent assistance systems that can give specific support to people in a wide variety of personal circumstances. The assistance system is embedded in a complex service setting and comprises the following functions:

  • Data acquisition directly on the person's body
  • Direct transmission of information to the person concerned
  • If required, transmission of information to family, call center, emergency service, etc. as well as
  • Initiation of situation-specific measures on the basis of the information available.

The starting point for research activities in the guidance project is the needs of the persons concerned (demand pull) and not the technical potential. Accordingly, the use of technology in the innovation chain depends on the requirements of the respective target group. The requirements analyses performed so far in the guidance project reveal that the technical potential available today can be exploited in order to satisfy the needs of prospective users.

Smart Sensors E is making an essential contribution to this process by forging ahead with further development of such potential. A further special feature of the guidance project is that its research activities aim to create future-oriented foundations for "Barrier-free Health Assistance" that will be of major importance to various stakeholders in social services and healthcare. Smart Sensors E is working toward this goal by, among other things, advancing the development of a basic, multiple-use technology platform begun in the guidance project and by using standards for communication, data management and machine learning to set a quasi-standard in the field of AAL.

Project Duration

01.09.2011 - 30.04.2015

Project Partners

  • Evangelisch-Lutherisches Diakoniewerk Neuendettelsau KdöR (Diakonie Neuendettelsau)
  • SMI GmbH


Dr. Arnold Herp

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