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T-06: Revision and individual implants in orthopedics – cost-cutting solutions for infection and osteoporosis, acronym "Osteofit 2030"

Development of new manufacturing and processing methods for human implants

The Osteofit 2030 project is seeking to establish new manufacturing and processing methods for human implants which will eliminate the need for elaborate processing methods, thus enabling production that is easy on resources and efficient in terms of both cost and time.

This project objective is to devise methods of adapting to patient-specific requirements that go beyond the individual implant segment, and do not depend on the defect situation or bone quality. Both of these aims are subordinate to increasing cost efficiency and quality; they represent a unique selling point to be achieved by further developing and pooling innovative approaches and technologies that focus on the material structure and component surfaces.

Project Duration

01.05.2010 - 30.06.2011

Project Partners


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