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H-02: Real-time ERP system for medical care centers (MCCs) and amalgamated medical practices

Developing a communication platform to support general practitioners

Within the framework of the Medical Valley Leading Edge Cluster, ASTRUM IT is developing a communication platform to support practicing physicians. This platform can house applications that address a variety of needs experienced by medical practices.

In Germany, there is a considerable demand for cross-practice collaboration. Clinical disease patterns are becoming ever more complex; growing sub-specialization within the medical profession is boosting demand even further. With the introduction of medical care centers and the possibility of special contracts (e.g. for integrated care), legislators have shown that the future lies in cooperation across specialist groups.

Exchange of information is a prerequisite for cooperation. The information concerned may be business information to allow cross-location controlling, or patient-related information to ensure optimal and integrated treatment. The exchange of patient-related information means that the patient receives a higher quality of care. For the patient, the implementation of, for example, appointment management across amalgamated practices will lead to much shorter waiting times and less need for coordination.

At present, this need for electronic communication cannot be covered due to a lack of data exchange formats. There is no immediate prospect of manufacturers of primary systems (practice management systems) agreeing on uniform data exchange formats.

Within the framework of the MEDITALK project, ASTRUM IT will realize such a communication platform. The platform will collate information from various locations and store it centrally. Two applications on the platform are currently being developed as examples. One the one hand, there is a controlling cockpit with which practice managers can see the latest indicators updated on a daily basis, enabling them to manage the quality and business administration side of large amalgamated practices. On the other hand, there is a treatment path management system that guarantees enhanced treatment quality for patients by means of targeted management of doctors and the exchange of patient-related data.

Project Duration

01.07.2010 - 30.06.2013

Project Partners

  • Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU)


Chantal Herberz
Astrum IT GmbH

Am Wolfsmantel 46
91058 Erlangen

+49-9131-9408 225

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