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H-05: "Certified Professional for Medical Software" (CPMS) training program

Development and establishment of a certified training program as "Certified Professional for Medical Software"

The "Certified Professional for Medical Software" (CPMS) initiative aims to achieve a uniform standard for basic and in-service training for people familiar with the development and quality assurance of software in medical products and as a medical product in its own right.

The initiative specifies a curriculum and examination modalities leading to a cross-provider certificate. The Members of the Board supervise the quality of the curriculum and of the examination procedure. Training and examination organizations can receive accreditation from the board, allowing them to offer "Certified Professional for Medical Software" training and certificates.

Those participating in such a course will acquire knowledge in the fields of development, quality assurance and the approval of medical software. They can then prove their qualification by acquiring the certificate.

Project Duration

01.01.2011 - 31.12.2012

Project Partners

  • infoteam Software AG
  • gmbh
  • Method Park Software AG

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