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Efficient steady prescription of medical products - ISDV

Development of software to increase the efficiency of the steady prescription of medical products

Project objective(s)

The objective and the nature of the project is the creation of a software product "integrated system for continuous prescription" that is designed to achieve a significant increase of efficiency via repeated provision of prescriptions and the appropriate medical products within the framework of a continuous prescription or medication. The objectives take priority:

  • Quality improvements in care services for patients who require certain medication or other medical supplies on a regular basis.
  • Lowering of the organisational efforts and costs for continuous prescription or medication.

Project summary

Patients who require prescription medicine or other medical supplies regularly need renewed prescriptions from the doctor in charge. Following consumption of the prescribed amount, under normal circumstances a new prescription is requested from the doctor by the patient or the caregiver responsible for the patient. Normally, this is done by means of a telephone call, letter, fax, email or in person. The prescription issued by the doctor is returned to the patient or the patient's care-giving person/facility and is redeemed from there.

The disadvantage is that for repeated issuing of identical medical supplies or medicine by means of informal requesting, issuing and redeeming of the prescriptions a disproportional effort is necessary. Additionally, informal requests of the prescription bear a significant risk of transmission errors and inaccurate or wrong information regarding product and amount. Informal requests can get lost or be interpreted incorrectly. There are also problems that are caused by predetermined timing and the timely limited validity of the prescription.

ISDV enables significant simplification of the repeated provision of prescriptions and the related medical supplies. ISDV controls, checks and monitors the entire process of repeated provision of prescriptions and the delivery of drugs and the prescription of medical supplies.

Project duration

01.11.2013 - 31.12.2014


Dipl.-Kfm. Peter Voigtmann
Voigtmann GmbH

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90433 N├╝rnberg

Telefon +49-911-4777 65 0
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