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Optimisation of individual medication (personalised medicine) of polypharmaceutical patients

Development of a system designed to optimise individual medication (personalised medication)

Project objective

In order to avoid non-calculable risks and side effects of medication, the use of specific medications should be limited to a necessary and manageable minimum. The objective of the project is a limitation of the prescribed medication to few specific substances (5-7 medicinal products).

By means of using state-of-the-art technology linked with databases to achieve medical interaction with actual prescriptions, individual risks and intolerances should be identified, communicated to the doctor in charge and taken into consideration. Moreover, for high-risk patients with polypharmacy, genotyping should be used to check specific medications on future dosing or ineffectualness and intolerances on an individual basis.

Cutting down on the expenditure for drugs is not the main objective.

 And because individual intolerance, drug interactions and compliance play a role, usage of expensive drugs is actually a possibility. As the focus is on avoidance of the side effects of drugs and therapy optimisation, direct and indirect cost reductions will result in the long run.

Project summary

Doctors evaluate individual risks, the personal situation, the health status for eligible patients, the prescribed drugs and the known side effects. The doctor in charge receives appropriate suggestions or therapeutic help to optimise medication.

An expert system is developed that supports the doctor's decision by evaluating various databases and genotyping according to the prescribed medication.

This will enable doctors to make more accurate predictions relating to the effectualness and suitability of on or more drugs and their interactions on the basis of genetic patient profiles and to determine the most appropriate combination.

The project has scientific support from the WLH and a stakeholder and acceptance analysis is performed. To a considerable degree, the emphasis is on the utilisation perspective in various institutionally differentiated target markets.

Project duration

01.01.2013 - 31.12.2014


Dipl. Ing. Matthias Herforth
HMG Systems Engineering GmbH

Ullsteinstrasse 4
90763 Fürth

Telefon: +49-152-54760052

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