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BD-13: Peripheral CT – Special device for CT of the extremities

Development of a product concept for CT of the extremities

Project objective(s)

The primary objectives of the "Peripheral CT" project of CT Imaging GmbH are baseline studies and predevelopment for compact, flexible CT systems. Such systems permit, for example, examinations of standing, seated and, where necessary, recumbent patients. This innovative approach would enable examinations of joints even under load. In addition, image reconstruction techniques are being developed which, for the first time, are to allow effective correction of image artifacts through model-based iterative methods. These artifacts currently make accurate diagnosis, e.g. in the vicinity of metallic implants, difficult or nearly impossible. Further innovative approaches will be developed to allow better diagnosis of rheumatic diseases such as arthrosis and arthritis.

Brief project description

Orthopedic, musculoskeletal problems are currently investigated and diagnosed using either conventional clinical CT or conventional X-ray imaging. However, the image quality of data acquired in this way presently does not meet the generally accepted standards for clinical radiology. Many investigations today still fail to deliver satisfactory results because scan times are too long, spatial resolution is insufficient, the dose is unknown or too high, and artifacts are not corrected or not corrected sufficiently. All these aspects make clinical diagnosis difficult in many cases. CT Imaging GmbH, a specialist in computed tomography, is developing, within the framework of the "Peripheral CT" project (BD-13), a device concept that will resolve these present shortcomings and offer features that even surpass those of today's clinical CT. These developments and studies will be based on the innovative CT data acquisition system (DAS) developed in the lead project "Chest CT" (BD-01), which offers improved resolution and increased dose efficiency. This innovative concept will gradually be complemented by the development of further special applications for superior diagnosis. Medical practitioners and clinician users will thus be able to benefit from a complete system solution for musculoskeletal imaging.

Project Duration

01.11.2012 - 30.04.2015

Project Partners

  • CT Imaging GmbH


Prof. Dr. Willi A. Kalender
CT Imaging GmbH

Henkestraße 91
91052 Erlangen

Tel: +49-9131-97310 0

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