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BD-17: Increased security and efficiency for colonoscopies

Development of an innovative, mobile and interactive workstation for colonoscopy

Project description

In this joint project, the project partners aim to develop an innovative, mobile and interactive workstation for colonoscopy, with extensive navigation and control systems and expanded diagnostic elements for optimised investigation and treatment. Our healthcare system is burdened by frequently overlooked bowel cancer precursors, long waiting times for patients and a hectic working process for the doctor and his assisting physicians, combined with a use of resources that does little to achieve the objective. If more patients flood in to the corresponding hospitals and clinics as part of intensive investigations for bowel cancer precursors, high quality, sustainable efficiency and bearable costs of the medical treatment are even more difficult to handle. Building on components for the controlled movement of the endoscope in the bowel with a steady image and stable position, and on a console with multifunction tripod and pneumatic abdomen compression for optimised patient positioning, additional modules to systematically optimise the investigation and intervention steps during colonoscopy are also being researched and developed. The aim is to systematically improve the variable quality of medical treatment when performing colonoscopic examinations and treatments including documentation, and to support the user by integrating all relevant equipment and information systems into a new kind of ‘cockpit solution’ for the methodical improvement and partial optimisation of processes. The funding project aims to achieve a solution that delivers a sustainably more economical examination method than has previously been possible and commonly used, while also offering more reliable quality and being safer for the patient. No comparable solution approaches are currently known. For the affiliated partners, this funding project opens up the possibility of utilising marketable results, products and/or product components and establishing themselves successfully on the medical product market.

Medical necessity/importance

During colonoscopy, a relatively large number of findings are overlooked (around 20%), which is problematic for preventative colonoscopy, as every overlooked finding is associated with the risk that colorectal carcinoma will spread undiscovered. The handling and surgical operation of the endoscope, further additional equipment and the instruments by the examiner and his assisting personnel is not always optimal, so a steady image, precise movement and an effective use of personnel are not always guaranteed for a gentle and safe examination. By researching and developing a new and intelligent ‘cockpit workstation’, it is hoped colonoscopy will become safer and more efficient. This will enable more findings to be identified and treated earlier and better for more patients by more doctors and the resources in our healthcare system will thus be employed more effectively.

Project duration

01.09.2013 - 30.04.2015


Dr. Martin Neumann
ECE Training GmbH

Henkestraße, 91
91052 Erlangen

Tel.: +49-9131-4000751

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