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Open Innovation for sustainable health care solutions

Creating and establishing a specialised Open Innovation platform for medical technology

Project objectives(s): Solution of innovation challenges in the area of medical technology/healthcare, building of a powerful expert community

Project summary: The project "Open Innovation for sustainable healthcare solutions" aims at finding answers to complex questions within the innovation area of products and services in medical technology. Using an online platform, research and development questions that could not be answered internally, can be put through to an expert community that is technically heterogeneous. This enables the participating companies to benefit from external knowledge and insights and to enhance the effectivity and efficiency of their own innovation processes. The best solutions to published problem descriptions are rewarded by the participating company via a pre-determined amount.

By establishing innovation-promoting structures of this kind, the Medical Valley is expected to strengthen its market-leading position in medical technology and thus set industry-standards for the utilisation of Open Innovation.

Project duration

01.01.2014 - 31.12.2014


Moritz Wurfbaum
Innosabi GmbH

Widenmayerstraße 50
80538 München

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