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Mediheld – mobile supply log for rural areas

Development of a mobile supply log in rural areas to improve drug safety

Project objective

Increase of the efficiency and effectivity of healthcare services provided to patients in home care in rural areas.

Project summary

Home care services in rural areas are inefficient. Doctors as well as care services and patient relatives must travel long distances between their bases, the patients and pharmacies/medical supply centres. In many cases, drugs are not in stock, require ordering by the pharmacy and must be delivered via courier at a later time. In many cases, auxiliary supplies are delivered at a later time by supply centres due to their size. As care-giving relatives can't be present at the patient's place all the time, which is especially the case in rural areas, there is even the chance of the care service not receiving information on new/changed medication. This can lead to wrong medication with dramatic consequences. Caused by a lack of communication between doctors, patients, pharmacies, medical supply centres and medical insurances, the current situation of home care for patients in rural areas is tedious and very error-prone. Connecting the parties involved and thus improving communication will lead to improvements of the drug safety for the patient and significant potential saving for all parties involved.

Project duration

01.03.2014 - 31.05.2015


Tobias Hertkorn
groupXS Solutions GmbH

Harburgerstr. 13
95444 Bayreuth

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