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Personalised medication for children

An online service for the medication for children and adolescents, taking into consideration patient and medication-profile-specific influences.

Project objective(s)

The final product will be an online service for the healthcare system that supports medication for children and adolescents, taking into account patient and medication profile-specific influencing factors. A smartphone app allows for location-independent access to information.

The service enables doctors to check for drugs and known influencing factors and to retrieve information on existing diagnostic tests. Association with the service are appropriate diagnostics laboratories. The service will successfully be extended by more practice-relevant contents and pharmacogenetics information. With this project, the compound project makes a significant contribution to the improvement of patient treatment, because the medication is done on the basis of up-to-date knowledge. This is a precaution against treatment errors and the specific vulnerability of children is taken into account.

Project summary

A joint-venture project from the BioVariance GmbH and the faculty of pharmaceutical chemistry/clinical pharmaceutics at Würzburg university that provides insights from the pharmaceutical industry, scientifically established dosage guidelines and available diagnostic test regarding medication for children in an online service to improve treatment in a knowledge-driven way.

The medication information is supplemented by progress information on treatment from foreign databases. This allows to select treatments of patients in the same age group and the same diagnosed indication (in ICD level).

Project duration

01.11.2013 - 31.03.2014


Dr. Joseph Scheiber

Garmischer Str. 4/V
80339 München

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