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Intersector networking in medication management

Intersector networking in medication management between care services, doctor and pharmacy via MediPlanOnline®

Project summary

Initial situation: The intersector communication of the service providers for care in stationary living is still deficient. The exchange of medication data and patient information is frequently incomplete, delayed and exists in most cases on paper only. Apart from unused efficiency potentials in an economic sense, this also causes additional problems and risks for the treatment of the patients or tenants (clients).

The MediPlanOnline® is an online program for common intersector medication management between doctor, care service and pharmacy. It is used as the central database of patient medication and it is the connection for all steps of a combined drug supply of clients through the service providers.

Project description

The project is scheduled with the creation of an intersection between the MediPlanOnline® from pharmacy software developers Lauer-Fischer GmbH in Fürth, Germany, and the care documentation systems SENSO® of the Sigma GmbH in Erlangen, Erlangen, and P&D® of the CGM SYSTEMA Deutschland GmbH. Using this interface, the data exchange (such as master data, medications and dosage) between the primary systems of the pharmacy and care via MediPlanOnline should be enabled free of media problems, thus significantly increasing the drug therapeutical security for the patient

Additionally, the project schedule includes the introduction of MediPlanOnline® and the evaluation of the interface in various care facilities in Bavaria, among others the König pharmacy in Nuremberg. The project is accompanied scientifically by Medical Valley EMN e.V.

Project duration

15.08.2013 - 31.12.2014


Thomas Wanka
Lauer-Fischer GmbH

Ralf König
König's Apotheke

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