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Cluster-Newsroom Medical Valley EMN

Provision of an offer for start-up, spin-off and small and medium-sized companies to allow for low-threshold access to professional PR services.

With the service concept named Cluster-Newsroom Medical Valley EMN, clusters and networks in Germany will have – irrespective of size and industry – access to a platform that bundles existing contents of the participating companies and relevant target groups, but they will also be provided with services for small and medium-sized companies relating to communication at special conditions. The innovative cluster service model is developed within the scope of this project by the cluster management of Medical Valley EMN and it is then coordinated and maintained for the Cluster Medical Valley EMN.

The service conception to be developed within the scope of the project has the following objectives.

Cluster branding

The provision and continuous feeding of a digital cluster newsroom enable clusters and innovation networks in Germany to strengthen their branding both nationally and internationally in a sustainable manner (e.g. the BMBF top cluster Medical Valley EMN). The cluster newsroom is added to the communication activities as a complementary channel. The target group are journalists, media representatives and a variety of multipliers.

Low-threshold access to services of the PR

The cluster newsroom is designed to provide straightforward and flexible access to professional media and public relations services, especially for start-up, spin-off and small and medium-sized companies. This helps to enhance the visibility of each partner and the overall appearance of the network. The bundled presentation of various and industry-related areas allows for faster allocation to the cluster, and the superior messages of the network are communicated in the process.

Agenda setting and opinion leadership in virulent subject areas

By using a cluster newsroom as the platform for the collection and provision of related information, clusters can deliver meaningful contributions and background information on future propositions such as investor acquisition, distribution and marketing support and employee recruitment. Opinion summaries and trends can be derived and evaluated for the specific region the cluster is located in.

Transferability to other clusters

From a structural and technical view, the project design is developed in such a way as to ascertain that the transfer and scalability to other network and cluster organisations can be performed with go-cluster.

Income model for cluster management

The cluster newsroom is a building block in a financing model that can secure permanent cluster management revenues.

Project duration

01.07.2013 - 31.12.2013


Jörg Trinkwalter
Medical Valley Europäische Metropolregion Nürnberg e.V.

Henkestraße 91
91052 Erlangen


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