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Within InnoPlanT.NET, innovative developers and suppliers of medical products collaborate to enhance implants, transplants and bone graft substitutes. The aim is to enable faster and better integration and material life and functionality that is easier to control. To support this, new methods for production process monitoring and proof of longer life and functionality of the implants and transplants and products will be developed to improve the wound healing process following the transfer.


  • Interdisciplinary collaboration of professionals from the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals fields and highly-specialised suppliers
  • Common development of novel materials and procedures to improve implants, transplants and bone graft substitutes (either as medical product or ATMP/tissue)
  • Improvement of patient wellbeing following implantation and transplantation by faster and better integration and easy-to-control life and functionality

Target group

  • Medical product manufacturers in the areas of implants, transplants and bone graft substitutes
  • Innovative R&D companies in the material coating area
  • Highly specialised suppliers from the medical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and sensor fields
  • Specialised professorships in the chemical, medical biotechnology, tissue engineering, materials science and biochemicals fields
  • Non-academic research facilities


The network uses its innovations to support doctors and hospital staff to improve the quality of therapies, implantations and transplantations. Using new techniques and materials, new developments for implantations and transplantations raise the standards in healthcare. The network partners' activities in research and development are focussed on this area.

The network partners collaborate to achieve the following research objectives:

  • Coating of new implant materials (e.g. ceramics or carbon).
  • Modification of metal and vascular implants using coatings to optimise surface characteristics such as hardness, friction, wear, biocompatibility, durability, osseointegration to improve long-term stability
  • Development of implants that are coated with new substances for improved infection prevention
  • Research of new implants made of biocompatible raw materials
  • Development of bone adhesive/bone cement with improved mechanical characteristics
  • Advancement of the process of the creation of human skin and skin replacement
  • Automation of the manufacturing process of human skin patches
  • Development of bones that are artificially made of new materials
  • Development of new and better analytical ex-vivo/in vivo methods to deliver proof of enhanced life and functionality, e.g. detection and quantification of inflammable processes, advancement of systems to monitor and optimize transport processes and packaging for cells and tissue (e.g. transplants)
  • Research and development of new approaches and products to improve the wound-healing process following implantation or transplantation

Further Information

Please contact the community managers for further information.

Community Manager

Jörg Trinkwalter

Tel: +49 9131/5302863
Mobil: +49 160/94861948



Marco Wendel

Tel: +49 9131/5302863
Mobil: +49 176/32073960



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