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Healthcare IT

On the basis of the pilot project named Model Region for Digital Healthcare Franconia, innovative healthcare IT products are developed in cooperative projects. Additionally, the community deals with current developments and framework conditions of healthcare IT in an interdisciplinary manner to develop this aspect of the provision of services, health politics and science.


  • Interdisciplinary exchange of information between healthcare IT professionals in development, research, industry and service provision
  • Common development of innovative products, processes and services to improve the supply quality and to enhance efficiencies in healthcare by means of healthcare IT
  • Discussion and creation of health-related overall conditions for healthcare IT from within the community

Target group

  • Suppliers of healthcare IT solutions for all areas and sectors of healthcare
  • Innovative service providers (doctors, hospitals, pharmacies etc.) to develop practical healthcare IT solutions
  • Academic and non-academic research facilities from all research areas related to healthcare IT (IT, medicine, health economy, legal etc.)
  • Representatives of associations and companies of interest regarding healthcare IT.


The healthcare IT community combines representatives from industry, science and service provision to drive healthcare IT in the German healthcare system through common research and development and to create innovative solutions for the healthcare sector. Compared to other countries, Germany is lagging behind in terms of healthcare digitalisation. For years, overcoming intersectoral limitations in healthcare has been an issue of health-related discussions. However, common treatment of patients notwithstanding, service providers and the cost-bearing parties still act independently in the majority of cases. At the core of the community is the common objective to further improve healthcare IT and to develop solutions that are aligned with practical requirements. Within the inpatient sector as well as beyond, the network is used to develop innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and the quality of the treatments. In the process, the framework conditions of healthcare IT are discussed and actively developed in terms of technological interoperability, legal context factors and economic marketing strategies. Standards such as IHE and HL7 and guidelines regarding eGK and eFA play an equally important role as questions of acceptance research that significantly influence the actual propagation of healthcare IT in medical applications. Generally, the community acts as a nucleus to research and develop healthcare IT in order to allow for better targeting and efficiency as an instrument to enhance the quality of treatments.

The companies and institutions that are part of the community are top of the league both in a widespread healthcare IT sector or in niche markets. They collaborate to develop innovative solutions to address the following research challenges:

  • Data exchange and evaluation in intersectoral networking
  • Improvement of drug therapy safety through IT-based medication data management
  • Telemedical applications for inpatient and outpatient intersector treatment
  • Development and evaluation of imaging processes
  • Integration of wearables and intelligent sensor technology in everyday life
  • Optimisation and standardisation of processes and service quality in healthcare using IT
  • Processes designed to enable Big Data structuring and evaluation
  • Development of software applications for service providers and patients
  • Interoperability in the context of infrastructure, standards, interfaces and data management in healthcare
  • Ensuring data security in healthcare
  • Telematics, interoperability and standards in the healthcare-related discussion

Community Manager

Dr. Steffen Schmidt

Tel: +49 9131/9745666
Mobil: +49 171/4893409


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