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Pharmacotherapy safety

The Communities of Practice (CoP) in Medical Valley EMN are groups of people that communicate on a regular basis and learn from each other in their particular field. In cooperation with the board of the cluster, the CoP topics are discussed regularly and, if necessary, new communities are established. Thus, the CoPs play an important role to cover the topics that are relevant for the implementation of the cluster strategy und to use them to enable real projects.


Pharmacotherapy safety

Pharmaceutical products are a major cost factor in healthcare. Undesired adverse events are a frequent reason for hospitalisation. In this community, a network of people from the scientific and practical areas explores improvements of medicinal therapy in outpatient, inpatient and care applications.


  • Interdisciplinary exchange between experts from the scientific and practical areas around medication.
  • Research and development of new pharmaceutical and pharmacological processes, products and services to improve drug therapy safety
  • Improvement of the treatment quality by avoiding undesired effects of drug use and resulting hospitalisations, optimisation of the medical and economic efficiency and the efficiency of the medication.

Target group

  • Professionals working in the pharmaceutical, pharmacological, medical and care sectors.
  • Innovative R&D companies in pharmaceutical, medical technology and healthcare IT
  • Academic and non-academic research facilities from all research areas related to drug therapy safety (pharmaceuticals, medicine, IT, health economics etc.)
  • Representatives of associations and organisations of interest regarding drug therapy safety.


The conditions to increase the drug therapy safety in Germany are not sufficient. In case of inpatient or outpatient treatment, the patient's medication information are transferred in a varied and non-standard format or require recreation on the basis of product inserts and patient notes. A structured data basis is not present in either intersectoral or intrasectoral form. Especially in a case of emergency, existing and reliable Data are not available and delays and medical malpractices might occur. Comprehensive and intersectoral drug therapy safety requires innovative procedures and applications to ensure safe, effective and efficient medication. The members of the community develop procedures that will become even more valuable in the future due to demographic change. Especially for elderly patients, the importance of drug therapy safety is enhanced through polypharmacotherapy (simultaneous intake of multiple medication). There is a close relation between the amount of medication and the number of medication-related problems  The risk of undesired side effects that can range from slight impairments to fatal diseases increases with the amount of medication applied. The polymorbidity increases with age, which inevitably necessitates polypharmacotherapy.

An economic factor adds to the deficits of the quality of treatment and the risks for the patient that are caused by insufficient drug therapy safety. Medication is one of the major cost factors in German healthcare. Thus, the community does not only contribute to the reduction of the medical-pharmacological risks of polypharmacotherapy, but also allows for significant gains in economic efficiency.

Generally, procedures and solutions are developed to enable reductions of the following:

  • the amount of drug prescriptions
  • the amount of undesired side effects
  • the costs of drug prescriptions and inpatient treatment

The community collaborates across disciplines to fulfil research objectives that include the following:

  • IT-enabled risk and error management in pharmacotherapy
  • Enhancement of drug therapy safety through intersectoral networking and communication of medication information.
  • Intersectoral medication management between doctor, care and pharmacy
  • Determination of the medication for children and adolescents, taking into consideration patient and medication-profile-specific influential factors.
  • Integrated system for the continuous prescription of medical products
  • Identification of individual risks and intolerances utilising cutting-edge technology and connecting data bases for drug interactions with actual prescriptions
  • Home care for patients (drugs and auxiliaries) in rural areas

Further Information

You can find further information on individual R&D-projects of the community here.

Community Manager

Prof. Dr. Martin Fromm

Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, FAU

Tel: +49 9131/8522772



Prof. Dr. Renke Maas
Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, FAU

Tel: +49 9131/8522754



Medical Valley Contact

Dr. Steffen Schmidt

Tel: +49 9131/9745666
Mobil: +49 171/4893409


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