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A7-24 Aumann GmbH

We provide services in Coburg and Bamberg in the fields of personnel services (personnel leasing, e.g. medical engineers, production and logistics technicians) human resources consulting and recruitment (under the brand Convocatio). In addition, our specialist publishing house (Edition Aumann) publishes specialist information and advice guides with topics like choice of profession (e.g. "irgendwas mit Medizintechnik"), profession, employment, career and social topics (e.g.

4plus GmbH

4Plus provides state-of-the-art software engineering services. As an engineering firm with a staff of 80, we have been a successful provider of our services over the last fifteen years. The development of complex medical equipment and applications is our core competency. We develop X-ray-devices, lithotripters, lasers for dermatology and ophthalmology, driver and control systems for C-arms, surgical tables, embedded and PC applications and more. The 4Plus product solution add4Q is a quality suite for efficient requirement, test and documentation management.