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Within InnoPlanT.NET, innovative developers and suppliers of medical products collaborate to enhance implants, transplants and bone graft substitutes. The aim is to enable faster and better integration and material life and functionality that is easier to control. To support this, new methods for production process monitoring and proof of longer life and functionality of the implants and transplants and products will be developed to improve the wound healing process following the transfer.


  • Interdisciplinary collaboration of professionals from the medical technology, biotechnology


The ZIM cooperation network INNOPLANT.NET combines innovative medical product developers and suppliers in the fields of implants, transplants and bone substitution materials with the goal of further improving it by means of common research and development activities. Essentially, network partners define this as quicker and improved integration and easy-to-control longevity and functionality upon implantation or transplantation.

Network objectives are:

  • interdisciplinary collaboration of professionals from the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals fields and highly-specialised