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Dr. Stefan Lang – Wissenschaftliche und medizinische Texte

Dr. Stefan Lang has been working as a freelance Scientific & Medical Writer and writing coach for several years. He has worked for different pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. Previous work experience: Research and development in academic, clinical and industrial projects, scientific writer, lecturer.


Wassergasse 10
91080 Marloffstein



Our agency specialises in the conceptualisation and organisation of continuing medical training events. We cooperate with hospitals, associations, industry and private practices of medical specialists. We are happy to share our contacts with others in the framework of projects in Medical Valley. Our core areas are: - Urology - Gynaecology - Dermatology - Ophthalmology - Pain medicine - If evaluations of new ideas or developments are needed, we are happy to share our contacts to hospitals, private practices or companies.


Morris Bock

Spittlertorgraben 29
90429 Nürnberg

0911 / 277 865

Corscience GmbH & Co. KG

Corscience is an established development service provider for international medical technology companies. We provide innovative solutions for humans and are leaders in our areas of expertise as electrical stimulation and monitoring, ventilation and gas analysis as well as mobile health. Corscience is a “one stop company” due to its wide range of medical devices and systems for use in clinical, preclinical and home care applications as well as for clinical studies. With us, you get everything from one source:

  • Medical Device Engineering
  • Products and Licenses
  • Manufacturing and Test Services