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personalized medicine

T-03: Personalized pharmacotherapy in psychiatry

The aims of this project are to minimize the unwanted effects of drugs or of interaction between drugs and to thus improve patient care while, at the same time, reduce costs in health services.

Currently available drug information systems and their electronic implementation still have considerable deficits.

T-01: "PEP" – Personalized Effect-Controlled Pharmacotherapy

Nowadays, treatment with medicines can only be handled within strict limits according to the needs of the individual patient and adapted to the situation in hand. The continuous and variable intake of liquid medicines through a new, miniaturized infusion pump system is designed to enable personalized, individual, effect-controlled treatment with drugs. This could lead to substantial progress, especially in post-operative and oncologic pain management.

T-08: Clinical on-site and online anesthetic gas analysis and monitoring

The goal of this project is to demonstrate the usefulness of a sensor concept based on Raman spectroscopy using test measurements at the hospital for anesthesiology in connection and in comparison with modern anesthesia equipment, and to draw up the advantages of the concept.

BD-06: Local tumor therapy with magnetic nanoparticles

In 2006, there were 426,800 new cases of cancer in Germany and 210,930 people died of the disease.

About half of all newly diagnosed cancer cases are diagnosed when they are localized to one part of the body. Three quarters of these patients can therefore be cured by local intervention, i.e. by an operation, in some cases supplemented by radiotherapy and/or systemic chemotherapy, with additional antibody therapy where appropriate. However, with the other half of newly diagnosed cases, the illness is already at an advanced stage and will not respond to conventional local therapy.