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The movement community deals with the intersections of medical and sports technologies. Fields such as prevention, health promotion and corporate health management are dealt with in an interdisciplinary manner here.


  • Professional exchange on subjects of interest.
  • Initialisation of new projects between science and business
  • Leveraging synergy effects between companies

Target group

  • Service providers in the areas of health care and prevention
  • Manufacturers and providers of products in the areas of healthcare and prevention
  • Professorships, institutions and research facilities working in

Pilot project systematic BGM – healthcare in business

Project Description

Companies require healthy and motivated employees over the entire work life cycle. A holistic healthcare proposition for employees will increase the company's standing with motivated professionals.

The IHK project group "health 4.0" is committed to the development and testing of systematic approaches for operational health management. Included are specific solutions, holistic approaches and scientific monitoring and evaluation. This ensures the sustainability of the healthcare propositions.

Informationsveranstaltung Gemeinsames Präventionsprogramm der Arbeitgeber

Es ergeht herzliche Einladung zur Informationsveranstaltung zum Thema „Gemeinsames Präventionsprogramm der Arbeitgeber in der Europäischen Metropolregion Nürnberg (EMN)“ am 24. Juli 2013 von 9.00 Uhr bis 11.00 Uhr in die IHK Akademie, Raum Cramer-Klett (2.01), Walter-Braun-Straße 15, 90425 Nürnberg. Sie erhalten detaillierte Einblicke in das geplante Präventionsprogramm und haben die Möglichkeit, aktiv an der Ausgestaltung des Projekts mitzuarbeiten.

Weitere Informationen sowie das Programm entnehmen Sie bitte der Anlage.