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Optimisation of individual medication (personalised medicine) of polypharmaceutical patients

Project objective

In order to avoid non-calculable risks and side effects of medication, the use of specific medications should be limited to a necessary and manageable minimum. The objective of the project is a limitation of the prescribed medication to few specific substances (5-7 medicinal products).

By means of using state-of-the-art technology linked with databases to achieve medical interaction with actual prescriptions, individual risks and intolerances should be identified, communicated to the doctor in charge and taken into consideration.

Pharmacotherapy safety

The Communities of Practice (CoP) in Medical Valley EMN are groups of people that communicate on a regular basis and learn from each other in their particular field. In cooperation with the board of the cluster, the CoP topics are discussed regularly and, if necessary, new communities are established. Thus, the CoPs play an important role to cover the topics that are relevant for the implementation of the cluster strategy und to use them to enable real projects.


Pharmacotherapy safety

Pharmaceutical products are a major cost factor in healthcare.