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A-04: Low-cost fundus camera for the Third World

The project "Low-cost Fundus Camera for the Third World" will research into and demonstrate technical possibilities for funduscopy with a telemedical connection, with a concrete, application-oriented perspective for use in developing countries. A demonstrator for optimized illumination and imaging optics for non-mydriatic representation of the fundus will be created for this purpose. If possible, a digital image scanner available on the mass market will be used to scan the fundus.

A-02: E-Atlas – barrier-free publication of medical images independent of any platform

The world's largest image database for ophthalmology, the "Atlas of Ophthalmology", is now available as an app for mobile devices. With just a single click, doctors, medicine students or laymen interested in health issues can receive over 6,000 clinical illness patterns on their iPhone. Doctors therefore always have decisive information at hand for visual diagnoses, confirmation of diagnoses or for informing the patient – a situation which clearly benefits the patient, whose care is improved by the eye app.

This iPhone application was developed within the framework of a funded project in the

IS-04: Ventilation at home and remote care for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

The aim of this project is to further develop out-patient care for patients by telematic methods – first taking the sample fields of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and ventilation in the patient's own home. Care for patients with the assistance of modern telematic methods should enable continuous contact to doctors and nursing staff from the patient's own home, thereby ensuring better healthcare at a lower cost.