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Mediheld – mobile supply log for rural areas

Project objective

Increase of the efficiency and effectivity of healthcare services provided to patients in home care in rural areas.

Project summary

Home care services in rural areas are inefficient. Doctors as well as care services and patient relatives must travel long distances between their bases, the patients and pharmacies/medical supply centres. In many cases, drugs are not in stock, require ordering by the pharmacy and must be delivered via courier at a later time. In many cases, auxiliary supplies are delivered at a later time by supply centres due to their size.

Praxisnetz Nürnberg Süd (PNS) e.V.

PNS is a network of 213 medical practitioners working in about 150 private practices of all different medical specialist fields that runs its own companies to support provided health care services.

This network improves the infrastructure of medical care services by supporting the private practices. At the moment, 43 different treatment methods are made available to the medical practices. These treatment methods are national recommendations which the medical practices adapt to regional requirements. Several medical insurance companies have concluded a medical care contract with PNS.

Karohemd trifft auf Polokragen

on 20. May 2014 - 9:36

Karohemd und Polokragen – Attribute, die hierzulande oft für Studenten der Betriebswissenschaft oder für Vertreter von Ingenieursstudiengängen stehen. Und damit häufig für gegensätzliche Herangehens- und Denkweisen in ihrem Fach. Doch können die beiden Berufsgruppen auch gemeinsam arbeiten und wie viel bringt es, wenn sie sich miteinander vernetzen? Das stellte die Veranstaltung „Karohemd meets Polokragen“ am 13. Mai 2014 in Nürnberg in den Vordergrund.